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A two-part creative collaboration emerging from the many folk and historical connections between India and Ireland, from the origins of the Irish and Indian fiddle to our shared colonial past. The initial collaboration was commissioned by Earagail Arts Festival and culminated at Jodhpur RIFF that year. But the artists continued their engagement after sharing and developing their music online and returning to showcase at Jodhpur RIFF mainstage. Now, this collaboration of warm, yet exquisite music feels complete and features some of the best musicians from Donegal and Rajasthan:

Martin Coyle (bouzouki),

Paul Cutliffe (uilleann pipes, whistles),

Sarah E Cullen (Donegal fiddle, vocals),

Asin Khan Langa (Sindhi sarangi and vocals)

Sawai Khan Manganiyar (dholak, morchang, bhapang, khartal and vocals).

Divya Bhatia / Jodhpur RIFF (producer)

Paul Brown / Earagail Arts Festival (producer)

Sharing common themes and stories that connect the cultures of the two regions, ‘Citadels of the Sun’ refers to a recurring edifice in both cultures: Mehrangarh fort (fort of the sun) in Rajasthan, and Grianán of Aileach, Donegal’s own fort of the sun. Bridging these two iconic locations a world apart, Citadels of the Sun is a coming together of diverse but connected voices, the result of which is a sound that transcends and braves new territories in music. Citadels will open 2024 with shows at Celtic Connections, Glasgow and IMBOLC International Music Festival, Derry. 

BraiteCitadels of the Sun
00:00 / 06:30
BrionglóidiCitadels of the Sun
00:00 / 07:04
Dun Na GreineCitadels of the Sun
00:00 / 16:27
An CumhaCitadels of the Sun
00:00 / 04:31
Shining Through the CitadelsCitadels of the Sun
00:00 / 06:56
Mehrangarh MoonCitadels of the Sun
00:00 / 06:59

images courtesy of John Soffe Photography


"...Citadels of the Sun's main focus of telling stories perhaps encapsulated the Jodhpur RIFF experience best".

Citadels of the Sun returns to Jodhpur RIFF 2022 to play main stage - more info here

We're so happy with this commission piece titled 'The Lines Between' by Irish abstract artist Lorraine Coll. The piece will feature on our upcoming album and captures our Irish and Rajasthani collaboration perfectly. The physical piece measures 100cm x 80cm mixed medium on stretched canvas framed in walnut. Click to enlarge.


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